Goes Live

Hey folks,

I’m trying to write this post in English again as it’s linked through the “about” anchor on

So what is it?
It’s a simple to use email birthday and anniversary reminder service. You only have to fill out the form and you will receive an email when the day has come. Well, like a friend of mine said, “not revolutionary” but… it’s working, stable and maintained by myself.

If you use it, you are not bound to any device, company or anything else. Furthermore you won’t have any problems with bad phone/desktop/web service synchronization. It’s just doing its simple task and nothing more. Isn’t that a principle in the Unix world?! Besides that as I’m not Sony or any other big player your data should be really safe and secure. And of course there are more reasons for that (;

What’s playing in the background of the system? Mono as .Net Replacement, yeah it rocks! Most times, and on top ASP.NET MVC2 with a MySQL as database. A really comfortable setup!

What’s planned next for Remindii?
A German localization and maybe the possibility to be reminded a few days before the anniversary.

If you’re still reading and you are indecisive what do now, just browse to Remindii and create a reminder for the next anniversary.

Have fun with it!


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